…where our guests can relax and listen the sound of songbirds – The real pearl in our hotel is our wellness section including a swimming pool (8×8 meters area, 1,5 meters deep, 25-28°C), jacuzzi, sauna, steam rooms, aroma therapy, ice pool, solarium, relaxation area and massage waiting for our guests.

Highest wellness: massage packages

Our hotel offers plenty from the pampering massage types.

Pampering Packages – tell our highly qualified masseuses what you are looking for within a massage and our colleagues will make sure, you get the best spa experience.

The Swedish massage works with slow and delicate motions which helps your spasm to rejuvenate ease your muscles and helps your body to feel younger and fresher. Also helps metabolism and your whole body blood pressure. After a great Swedish massage your body and soul will feel completely revitalised.

This special massage is deeply amazing – the honey with all its goodness gets into the skin pores and helps to get all the poisons and toxins sink into itself – after the massage the honey comes off from the skin leaving it toxin free and rejuvenated – it helps to balance the energy of the body and it is perfect for those who are suffering from spinal problems, headache, bone and rheumatology problems.

The lava stone massage is very special giving you deep relaxation – everybody should experience it! Through out the therapy the body and muscles get scrubbed with warm lava stone and hand as well – the stones give out special energy which opens your chakras and put you into a dream like state where your body and mind can relax without boundaries. The rhythmical movements help you with waking up the blood circulation, relaxing your muscles and balancing body and soul.

The cellulite on body caused by stress, not taking enough water on a daily basis, nutritional problems, it can be genetical, and of course lymph problems are also the main cause. Natural oils and creams help not only with cellulite but also great for the body itself. This massage helps the cells in the body having the get the most possible oxygen, helps with circulation and rejuvenation. For the best result you should use massage often as a therapy, also changing your eating habits for the better and trying out some activities to give your body it is life back helps you to feel better and live longer.

The classic aroma therapy massage based on a Swedish massage and its main aim to give your muscles a break and give you relaxation above all – With this massage we use the best aromatic oils sinking into your skin, giving your body and soul the most amazing chill-out feeling and experience.

Energising Swedish massage concentrated on the head back shoulders & neck.

We know the Indian head massage as one of the most popular massages around – its merge acupuncture and shiatsu, concentrating to relax the head neck shoulders & back.

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